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Kingsley Akahibe March 22, 2022

Honestly, I wasn't sure who was replying but I can say the responses are way better than what I usually got with my former hosting company. Thanks for your help.

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Direct and professional. Also well concerned about my account protection.

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Shehu Shaibu March 22, 2022

Your customer service delivery is perfect and timely

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Moses Ubochi March 18, 2022

At first, I did not know what to do. The customer support guidance and technical advice truly got the problem solved... Thanks to Whogohost and her team.

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Nnenna Fakoya-Smith March 18, 2022

Keep Up the good service

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Pamela Turay March 17, 2022

Accurate and thorough solution. Thank you

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NAS AUDU March 17, 2022

Hope to do more business with you

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Patrick Isedu March 17, 2022

Whogohost staff generally are admirable as they attend to tickets.

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Fliplearnkids March 17, 2022

Timely resolution and feedback to customers issues

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Oginni Olatunde March 17, 2022

The experience has been amazing, swift response to requests, especially when my website was terminated and there was a backup. The experience has really been amazing

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Mariam kike March 17, 2022

Very fast in handling my request! my issues were resolved immediately.

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Good customer response

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Pankyes Titus March 17, 2022

I will really like the company to keep the good work up. Whogohost is the best. Thank you so much.

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