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THE O.D. September 9, 2019

Whogohost customer service is top notch!

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Kalu Oge September 6, 2019

I will say all your CS personnel are superb and committed. Keep it up

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Ayegbo Phillips September 5, 2019

Excellent customers service

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Anonymous August 23, 2019

Continue doing what you are doing. Your customer service came highly recommended reason why i decided to stay put. Thank you

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Anonymous August 21, 2019

Quite responsive and courteous on the phone.Satisfied. Thanks.

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Anonymous August 21, 2019

I really don't have much to say here but I will always refer people to you guys, and if I want anything online related to hosting services I rather do it with you guys.

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Tolu August 21, 2019

Good morning,

I am very grateful for the quick response and assistance you gave me. The new registrant just sent me a mail that they have received all the necessary things needed to transfer the domain. Thank you. Take note that I still have a lot of work hosted in WHOGOHOST. I am not leaving WHOGOHOST.

Really Good. So quick to reply and of course, I never expected a fast response from you guys. Thanks for your support.

You already doing a great job. Just keep it up. I'm personally proud of WhoGoHost.

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