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Sam Onoja July 1, 2021

Great hosting services.

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Ayoola Desmond July 1, 2021

Very good customer service.

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Daddy G.O of Entrepreneurship. #FatherFigure April 15, 2021

@whogohost Has the best customer service experience and delivery.

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Paul H Paul II April 14, 2021

One thing (among others) I like most about #Whogohost is their responsiveness. Thanks for standing out from the crowd. ??

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Victor AKinwande October 16, 2020

Its been a smooth ride over the years

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Maria T. Roberson September 7, 2020

I am a website developer, and I have hosted about 180 websites on a different company. their services are poor and downtime too is annoying. I stopped buying from Whogohost because I lost my bank card. Now that I am set again, Whogohost will remain my number 1 spot. In my opinion, I think Whogohost is just the best. customer service is great. I will make you my number 1 priority from this day.

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Ajayi Sunday Amos July 1, 2020

I have been using Whogohost since year 2017 and they have been doing wonderfully well... Their Live chat support is excellent, even at night they are ready and up-to-the task..I recommend whogohost to anyone anywhere... . God bless you

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Anjorin femi April 29, 2020

I was afraid to start a blog because of the huge amount of money to pay hosting plan, it was until I came across Whogohost surprising they break their subscription at affordable rate. My website www.Realgbedu.com as come so Big because of them..they never killed my dreams...

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Noel Okojie April 21, 2020

This is so cool. You guys are the undisputed best.

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Jason Njoku (Irokotv) April 21, 2020

Just got a lovely retention / upsell call from the good people at @whogohost. Been a happy customer for almost 10 years now. If you don't use them. You most definitely should.


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Mofolorunsho P. April 21, 2020

Thanks a million. It is working perfectly now. I have never regretted subscribing to your hosting platform. Your customer support is second to none.
Best regards.

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