If you do not have File Ziller downloaded on your system, you can still upload your files to your Cpanel using the File Manager on the Cpanel. Unlike uploading using FTP, this option allows you to upload your files one after the other.


1. Log into Cpanel

2. Under the Files section, click on file manager

****you would be uploading the files into the root folder (public_html)

3.  Click on public_html 

4. Click on upload on the header section. 

5. Click on select files and go to where you have your files on your local system.

6. Select the file to be uploaded and click on open to upload the file. You can repeat steps 5 & 6 until you are done uploading all your files.

7. Once the upload is completed, click on "Go Back to home/username/public_html" to go back to root folder and see all the uploaded files.

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