Can I change the theme of my website anytime I like?

Yes, you can. There are a lot of themes to choose from. If you think you need to give your...

 Can I use my existing hosting account for the sitebuilder?

Yes, you can. Please click on this link to get a sitebuilder package.

 Can the website I build be visited on a mobile phone?

Yes it can. The website is mobile-responsive. This means that the website can be seen and look...

 How can I create a store using the SiteBuilder?

In order to create a store that uses the currency Naira, you need to use the be on the Starter...

 How can I downgrade my SiteBuilder?

Unfortunately, you cannot downgrade the SiteBuilder from one package to another.

 I have a hosting account already. How do I get the sitebuilder?

Before you can make use of the sitebuilder, you need to have a hosting account with us. If you...

 I no longer want the SiteBuilder. Can I get a refund please?

Unfortunately, you cannot get a refund for the sitebuilder. You can however get a refund for the...

 What can I use the site builder for?

The Site builder can be used for almost any site. It can be used for blogs, for personal...

 Will my content be lost if I choose another theme?

No, you won't lose the content of your website when you change the theme to a different one.