Mailing list

A mailing list is a group of email addresses that can be used by an organization to send the same messages to multiple recipients. The entire group of recipients is represented by one mailing list address, such that when a mail is sent to this mailing list address, it is received by everyone who is a member of that list.

A mailing list can be used in various forms, such as a newsletter or announcement list, or even a private discussion forum.

A variety of controls can be implemented on a mailing list, depending on what it is to be used for. For example, you can

  • restrict the list to prevent someone from joining
  • limit the ability to post to the list
  • appoint moderators to the mailing list to regulate subscriptions and postings on the list
  1. Go to Mail -> Add Mailing List in your admin control panel.
  2. Provide a name for your mailing list
  3. Specify access regulations for the mailing list such as:
    • Who can join the list – you can choose to let anyone subscribe to the list, or only allow those subscribers that are approved by a moderator
    • Who can post to the list – you can choose to let anyone send messages to the list, or restrict posting privileges to list members or just moderators
    • Who receives replies to messages on the list – you can choose to let replies go to the original sender, or the entire list. Alternatively, you could specify a different email address that receives all replies.
  4. Specify at least one moderator for the mailing list. A moderator is a privileged user who controls activities on the mailing list. The responsibilities of a moderator may include regulating subscriptions to the list, reviewing and filtering message postings on the list etc.
  5. Click on Add Mailing List.
Creating a new mailing list

To create a mailing

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