How do I create additional emails ?

Do you wish to add more email account spaces to your existing email hosting package?

For instance, if you purchased the BE level 1 email hosting plan which has a minimum of 1 accounts and a maximum of 5 emails and you earlier had 1 email space and wish to add more, please follow the steps below:

1. Log into your client area via  this url.  Scroll down and click on Services.


2. Click on "Your Hosting/Services", select Business Email or Enterprise Email.  



3. You will be redirected to a page that shows the details of the email hosting account. 

4.Scroll down and click on "Add Additional Mail Accounts" to enter the total number of emails you want (Add the existing number of emails in addition to the number of emails you wish to add).




5. On the next page, You may proceed to type the number of additional email accounts you intend to create in total.
In this case, I have 1 email account and I want 1 additional email account, I will input 2 in the ‘new configuration’  tab. (1 old email account, 1 new email account, 2 total accounts).



6. An invoice will be generated, Once payment is made and applied, you can go ahead and create additional email accounts. You may follow the steps Here

If you experience any difficulty, feel free to contact our support department at for further assistance.
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