Configuring Windows Live Mail for your email hosting

Follow the steps below to set up your email hosting on Windows Live Mail

  1. Open up your Windows Live Mail email client
  2. Click the accounts button and select Email
  3. Enter the email address you wish to add, the email address password and a preferred display name. Check the Manually configure server settings option.
  4. Enter the necessary details and click on Next
  5. The manual configuration page is where you will add the incoming and outgoing servers and their respective ports. You will have to choose between IMAP and POP.
      Server Hostname Port Number
    IMAP Server 143
    IMAP with SSL 993
    POP Server 110
    IMAP with SSL 995
    SMTP Server 25 or 587
    SMTP with SSL 465

    Once all these details have been entered click on the Next button.

    Your account has been added and you can click on the Finish button. The email account has been added
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