How to add mail signature

Follow the steps below to create a signature for your email hosting

  1. Log into your email account via webmail
  2. Click on the gear icon which is located at the top right and then click on settings
  3. On the bottom left of the settings page, click on the checkbox to show advanced settings
  4. Click on the mail option on the left sidebar of the settings page
  5. Scroll down to the signature section and click on Add new signature button
  6. Type in your signature name in the correct area and enter the signature details in the text area
  7. To add an image like your company logo, click on the Insert image button. You will be directed to select the image from your computer. When you have selected the image, click the open button
  8. Next, select where you want your signature to be added, either above or below the body of the mail
  9. Click the Save button

Once you are done adding the signature, you can check how your signature looks like by composing a mail. When you click on the compose Mail option under mail, your signature will be shown in the text area

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