Using the Webmail (Basics)

When you log into your webmail, your inbox is automatically displayed. To view an email, simply click on the subject of the email. The entire message of the selected email will get loaded on the screen. Bold messages are new or unread. Messages you have already looked at will be in unbolded text.

To view a different folder, just click on the name of the folder you want to view. The options for each folder work the same as your inbox. Let’s go through what each of the buttons will do:

  1. Compose: This is the button you would click on to compose, write, or send a new email. When you click on this button, you will be sent to a new page to type out your email, subject, senders etc.
  2. Reply: This is the reply button. It will automatically set up the composition page with the information necessary to reply to the sender of the selected message.
  3. Reply All: This is just like the reply button, but it is used when the selected email is addressed to more the one person and you want to reply to everyone, not just the person who sent the message.
  4. Forward: This will forward the selected message, and direct you to the composition page to enter the email you want to send the email to.
  5. Delete: No points for guessing. Clicking on this button will delete the selected/current message and move it to the trash folder. If you wish to permanently delete a message you will have to either Empty the trash folder or select the message explicitly and delete it.
  6. Set Colour: You can mark individual emails by a specific colour, so that these emails would be easier to access/filter if needed in the future.
  7. Archive: You can archive individual emails so they can be accessed at a later date if needed.
  8. Actions: This button will give you the option to mark an email or multiple emails as Read, Unread, Flagged or Unflagged.
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