How to create a forward-only email account

A forward-only account is an account that does not store emails, but forwards all emails received to one or more specified email addresses. A forward-only account can be used to direct emails to the email address of people in a team or department, such that the members of the team get the email in their individual email box. For instance, Mercy and Tobi are members of the sales team, and is created as a forward-only email account to forward all mails to Tobi and Mercy. When a mail is sent to, Tobi and Mercy will get the mail in their email boxes, without having to access directly.

You can also set a forwarding address for just one user account if you want. By doing so, a copy of all emails sent to that user would be sent to the address you specify

How to create a forward-only email
  • Log into the control panel of your email hosting account
  • Go to Mail -> Add Forward Only Account
  • Specify the email for the account,
  • Enter a list of email address to which you wish to forward all emails on this account.
  • Click on Save.
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