Add Domain Aliases

If you have more than one domain name, you can receive emails on all of them using the email addresses created in your hosting package without setting up separate accounts and forwarding them. For example, if you own the domains and, and you have the email address, you can also set an aliasemails sent to are received by

This means that while you have one email hosting account and two domains, you can create aliases, such that you can receive mails sent to the alias email address in the primary email address.

However, note that you must have purchased the domain name before the alias can work.

You can specify up to 5 email aliases on your email hosting account.

How to Add a Domain Alias

Before you can add a domain alias successfully, the MX(Mail eXchange) records must have been added to the domain that is to be used as an alias. This means you must have purchased the domain name.

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