SEO Settings - Descriptions and Keywords

After building your website with the SiteBuilder, one of the first things to do is to add Description and Keywords for your website as well as each page you have created.

To add the description and keywords for your entire website, click on the settings tab and the SEO.
Add SEO Settings for your website on the SiteBuilder

You should also add SEO settings for the individual pages. To add the SEO settings to a page, follow the steps below:

  • Click on the particular page you want to add SEO settings to on the sidebar.
    SEO settings for Individual Pages
  • Next, click on SEO settings
    SEO settings for Individual pages
  • Add the information for the SEO settings for the page.

It is advisable to use the description and keywords on all of your pages except your Homepage. The SEO settings of your homepage should be left blank in order to rely on the SEO settings of the entire site.

All fields assist search engines in properly categorising your website, but the Description field is the very important because it is what Search Engines actually display as the description for your site in their own results. The description of your site should be two to three sentences long and provide a detailed description of what your site is about. This allows visitors know what your website is about.

Page descriptions work in exactly the same way as the site wide descriptions. The only difference is that they should be specific to the page for which you are writing the description.

For the Keywords field, you can use around 10 to 20 words that match your content and the types of searches people may do to find that content.

Keywords are only helpful with search engines if they are words you actually use throughout your site. Otherwise, search engines will think you are trying to cheat the system by using Keywords that are irrelevant to your site and will simply ignore the words you have written.

Be sure to Publish your site after you've added Descriptions and Keywords, as they will not have any effect on your live site until you click the Publish button. Also, understand that the search optimisation is not done immediately. It usually takes a few weeks to see results of what you have done

Also ensure that the Hide Site from Search Engines is turned off

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