I have a hosting account already. How do I get the sitebuilder?

Before you can make use of the sitebuilder, you need to have a hosting account with us. If you have one somewhere else, you can transfer it to us.

Please see some of the differences between the three packages:

No custom Favicon Custom Favicon  Custom Favicon
Branding No branding No branding
No members No members Up to 100 members
No site search No site search Site search
N800/month N1,900/month N6,650/month
 Get Lite  Get Starter  Get Pro
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How do I access the SiteBuilder as a client?

Login to your client area, click on "Hosting & services" after which you click on the domain...

Do I need to download any software for SiteBuilder?

No, you do not need to download any software before making use of our SiteBuilder.

Do I need to be a good designer to use SiteBuilder?

There is no prerequisite (such as being a good designer or web developer) to using our site...

What can I use the site builder for?

The Site builder can be used for almost any site. It can be used for blogs, for personal...

Can I use my existing hosting account for the sitebuilder?

Yes, you can. Please click on this link to get a sitebuilder package.