Reward points are our loyalty program, where we reward our clients for using our services. Find below the cases where you get rewarded and the number of points you gain

Case Points
When you register as a client 100 points
Reward Points per invoice total amount, when an invoice is paid 0.02 x total amount
When you request for a refund All previous points relating to the invoice are deducted

Each rewarded point can have several statuses: Available, Used, Expired, Locked, or Free.
Available - every rewarded point before is used, expired, or locked
Used - every rewarded point which is converted to the client account credit
Expired - every rewarded point that had passed a certain number of days from issuing
Locked - every rewarded point for which is requested conversion to the client account credit
Free - every rewarded point that is available for conversion

-10 points = N1
-You may view your points at any time by visiting or login to the client area and access Billing >> Reward Points
-Once the number of points is more than 5,000 points, you may convert the points to credit in your account which you may use to pay for any service you purchase with us.
-Once you cross the threshold of 5,000 points, a button will appear, prompting you to request to convert your points to credit.
-You do not get any points when you pay for an invoice using credit in your account.
-Points or credit cannot be transferred to another account or to a bank account.
-Merged accounts only get the points of the parent account, as points are not merged.

If you have any inquiries about this, feel free to send a mail to

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