How to enable two factor authentication on your clientarea login

Two factor authentication is a fantastic way to secure your clientarea as it makes you login using your traditional password (something you know) and a token generated from a device such as your smart phone (something you have). This means that even if someone knows your password, your account is still secured as he would need to generate a token from your smartphone.

Find below the steps to activate two-factor authentication on your clientarea.

  • Download for free the Google Authenticator for iOS and Android. If you use any other platform, you may search within your app store for an authenticator  on your smartphone.
  • Login to your clientarea with the correct details.
  • Click on your name at the right of your screen. Choose the Two-Factor Authenticator sub menu to open the page.
  • Click on the Enable Two-Factor Authentication button to get started.
  • Open your Google Authenticator app on your smartphone and click on the menu item Set up account. Scan the QR code presented on your screen with the app. You may be prompted to download a scanner. If you do not have a scanner, please click here to learn how to manually add an account using the secret code presented below the QR code.
  • After setting up the account, Google Authenticator would present a time-based code. Enter the code in the space provided and click the button to verify.

You can return to this page to disable two factor authentication at any time.

If you have any issues with this, feel free to send a mail to

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