• Login to the admin console of your Google Workspace account 
  • Click on "Activate Google Workspace" at the top of your dashboard to confirm that you own your domain.
  • Select the "Alternate Methods" tab, select "Domain name provider"
  • Select your "Other" from the pulldown menu.
  • Follow the instructions provided by Google.
  • Get the TXT record to add it to your cPanel but if you do not have a hosting account, you can visit this link to add the TXT record
  • Once the DNS TXT record has been added, a response will be sent to you.
  • Complete the verification process by clicking on "Verify" from your Admin console to let Google know that you're done.
  • Once this is done, you can tell when the verification is complete by checking the status of services.

Note: Verification can take several hours (up to 48 hours) you can try periodically if verification initially fails.

You must complete verification within 14-21 days of signing up for Google Workspace or Google will remove your domain and data from their system. You'll have to sign up again.

When you verify that you own a domain, you've proven that you have control of the domain, all its subdomains, and all sites in those subdomains.

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