1. To get started, log in to your control panel and click on the MySQL Databases menu in the Databases section:


  2. Enter the name of the database in the field provided and click on the Create Database option.

  You would also need to create a MySQL user and grant this user access to your database. To do this:
  1. Locate the section called MySQL Users > Add New User and choose the username you wish to assign to your database. Once done, input a secure password for MySQL User and type it into the fields provided:

   2. You can also use the Password Generator which is highly recommended to create a secure password. Ensure you save this password.

3. Once the password is chosen and saved, click on Create User.


  4. Once the user has been created, move to the "Add User to Database" section to assign the user to the database, and grant proper privileges.

5.  Choose the privileges you would like to assign to the user and click on the Make Changes button. In this example, we will be granting all privileges.

6. Once you have finished, you will get the message stating that the MySQL User's privileges have been saved on the Database:
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