How do I transfer a domain name to WhoGoHost?

Before you can transfer a domain, you need the EPP code of that domain. The EPP code is an authorization code that is known only by whoever has admin access to a domain. You need to contact your current domain registrar if you don't know what the EPP code of your domain is.

Once you have the EPP code of your domain, you can place a transfer order by visiting .

If your domain is a .ng domain, your domain would be transferred as soon as your order is activated.

If your domain is a non .ng domain (e.g. .com), an authorization email would be sent to the admin contact (that is the email address that was used as the administrative contact when the domain was registered) and he or she will need to click the authorization link in that email to start the transfer process.If the admin email address from both the old and new contact differ, Click Here  to modify the contact for the transfer to pull through.  It would generally take about 5 calendar days for the transfer to be completed.

Click here if you also want to transfer your hosting account to WhoGoHost.

Click here if you also want to move your domain name to another WhoGoHost client.

Why domain transfers fail

Before proceeding with your domain transfer, you need to confirm that two settings are correct for your domain name

  1. You must ensure that the email address associated with your domain is correct and functional. During the process of transfer, mails will be sent to this email address to complete the transfer.
  2. You must also ensure that the domain name is not locked. The transfer will never complete even if you agree to proceed with the transfer.
  3. Ensure the ID protection on the domain is removed.
Checking your settings before proceeding

You can check both of the above by going to: Once there, type your in the field labeled "Whois Lookup:" and click submit. Find where it says "Administrative Contact:" This is where your correct email address must be listed.

Now scroll down to where it says "Status:" If the status says "locked," you must get this changed before doing the transfer.

How To Fix These Issues

To get the above changed you must contact the registrar (the company where you bought the domain), and ask them to make the necessary changes. Some registrars let you make these changes yourself from within their control panel. 

Expired Domains & Domains in Redemption

Domains can be transferred while they are expired, but not while in redemption. Although you can transfer an expired domain name, no updates can be made to an expired domain. (So if you need to update your email address to a new email address, you will need to renew the domain name with the current registrar before you can update the information.)

While there is a possibility that transferring an expired domain will work, in most cases it will not because of one or more issues (such as being locked, outdated email address, etc.). If you wish to attempt to transfer it while expired, make sure you monitor the transfer carefully so that if it fails, you can renew it before it goes into redemption.

60 Day Rule

You cannot transfer a domain unless it has been at the current registrar for at least 60 days.

Renewal Less than 45 Days Ago

If you transfer a domain to us which has been renewed at the previous registrar less than 45 days ago, the domain will not receive an additional year when the transfer completes. If you transfer the domain after 45 days of renewing it, then you will receive an additional year added to your registration. This is a registry restriction and applies to all registrars.


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