How to order an SSL certificate?

Simply visit and choose any of the SSL certificates and click the order now button. 

At this step, the certificate is just ordered, you then need to activate it to receive an SSL certificate from the certificate authority for your domain.

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I mistyped the common name when activating the SSL certificate. Can it be changed?

Unfortunately, this cannot be changed. However, we have a 5 days refund policy for SSL...

Where can I find instructions on how to install my SSL certificate?

Comodo certificate users:  

Will my certificate be canceled if I do not answer an approved email?

No,a certificate will not be canceled if you do not answer the approver mail.

Why do I get an 'Invalid CSR' error message when I try to activate?

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Okay... so I ordered an SSL. How do I get it to work on my domain?

In order to activate your SSL certificate decide whether you are going to use the certificate for...