• Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Google recently rebranded G Suite, its collection of productivity and collaboration software tools on October 6, 2020, giving it a new name, new look (logos), new plans, and a new product experience to better prepare you for the future of work. G Suite, now known as Google Workspace is the best way to create, communicate, and collaborate anywhere and on any device at home, in classrooms, and at work.


Google is overhauling its current G Suite editions and plans with new ones to give you more choices to select the right one that fits your organization’s needs.

The new Google Workspace Editions are;

  1. Google Workspace Business: This is a tailor-made, best-in-class collaboration and productivity tools, security protections, and administrative controls. It is a  cost-effective and easy to get started solution for small and medium-sized businesses with 300 users or less. It has 3 plans namely;
    1. Google Workspace Business Starter
    2. Google Workspace Business Standard
    3. Google Workspace Business Plus
  2. Google Workspace Enterprise: This is tailor-made for larger businesses with additional productivity features, enterprise-grade administrative controls, with the most advanced security and compliance capabilities. It is available at both the team and organization levels. It has 3 plans namely;
    1. Google Workspace Enterprise Essentials
    2. Google Workspace Enterprise Standard
    3. Google Workspace Enterprise Plus

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For active customers on G Suite Basic and G Suite Business with Whogohost, the service will continue to work until you are transitioned to any of the new plans. We will transition you to the best plan that suits your needs based on your current features, number of users, and the amount you pay. 


If you are a G Suite Basic or Business customer with more than 300 users, you will have to transition to any of the Google Workspace Enterprise Plans. Also, all current G Suite Enterprise customers will be automatically transitioned to Google Workspace Enterprise Plus. 


If your service will be majorly affected by the new features, plans, or pricing structure, we will communicate directly with you in the coming weeks. 


For customers looking to get on board, you can no longer purchase G Suite as that has been phased out. You will have to purchase any of the new Google Workspace plans that fit your needs


Click here to view the features of each plan of the new Google Workspace.


If you are interested in purchasing Google Workspace or have any questions as regards these changes and how it affects you or your organization, Click here to make further inquiries or  reach out via enterprise@whogohost.com

Wunmi O
COO & Head, Enterprise