Sep 7th Protect your site information... Get 25% off!

Websites are no longer a place to just blog your thoughts,share your opinions on political issues or put basic information. Websites have become a source of revenue for many people and businesses. With the increase in success of ecommerce in Nigeria, many businesses have learned that having their businesses online is faster, easier and more ... Read More »

Aug 29th [Important]: The prices of some of our services will be reviewed upwards

The current exchange rate has made it impossible for us to maintain the current pricing of our products/services. As at the beginning of this year, the dollar was valued at N240. The current value of the dollar is over N400 with no signs of slowing down. Due to this, we will be reviewing the prices of all our services (asides the cost of .ng ... Read More »

May 6th Your email password may have been leaked

If you have an email account with Google, Yahoo, Microsoft or (just about everyone), then it may be time to change your password. This is because hundreds of millions of login details associated with email accounts with these providers have been circulating amongst digital criminals. According to Reuters, Hold Security uncovered a total ... Read More »

May 3rd Get 25% off your first order with Whogohost

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Apr 13th Security has never been this important...

The Internet helps every business connect to potential customers all around the world. No wonder everyone is getting their businesses online. And this is just the beginning, as our personal lives will become even more dependent on the Internet. However, this wonderful trend comes with some risks. As more and more of our businesses and details get ... Read More »

Mar 15th The chat portal will not be available for a while..

UPDATE 18/03/2016 12:00The issue has now been resolved and our live chat is now back online. We appreicate your patience while this matter was being worked on. We have noticed that our recent upgrades has led to the chat platform increasing our server loads and causing our site to run much slower. Due to this, we have disabled the chat platform ... Read More »

Feb 19th The Whogohost Love Story

Over the years, we have met several people tell fantastic tales of how we have been a part of their success, and how we have restored their confidence in local providers. To celebrate this season of love, we decided to capture some of this stories, and we will like you to have a look at them on These stories and many more ... Read More »

Jan 6th We will be increasing our prices soon...

UPDATE - Jan 18, 2016 We have just increased the prices of our shared hosting, reseller hosting, cloud hosting, Google Apps for Business and virtual servers. This increase is inevitable, due to the current exchange rate as discussed below. You may click the links on each item above to view the new pricing scheme. All new orders and renewal costs ... Read More »

Nov 30th Free hosting this #CyberMonday

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