Quality Assurance Assistant

Quality Assurance Assistant

Job Description:

We are looking for a driven, passionate, analytical, and committed individual to join the Quality Assurance team as Quality Assurance Assistant to contribute as we grow and expand across Africa and beyond. You will be reporting directly to the Head of Quality Assurance. You are charged with assisting in the development of a complete QA program that not only safeguards the quality of our products & services but also fosters a “quality culture,” in which all employees become actively engaged in guaranteeing quality and supporting the continuous improvement of both new and existing product & services.

Responsibilities and Duties:
  • Develop or update company complaint and inspection procedures by working closely with all teams to lead customer complaint trend analysis from all touchpoints & proactively ensure they are captured, investigated, escalated, and documented as well as appropriate actions implemented.
  • Ensure consistent audit readiness by embedding a quality culture in all departments company-wide;
  • Work with cross-functional teams to ensure we deliver products & services that are built to the appropriate standards and meets the needs of the business and that of our clients;
  • Track quality assurance metrics for continuous improvement in all areas company-wide.
  • Identify and resolve workflow, systems, and software issues, problems, or errors, and apply corrective actions via tracking log records and systems patterns, including root cause to deliver satisfactory outcomes.
  • Document quality assurance activities and create audit reports.
  • Identify training needs, create training manuals, and execute training programs to ensure company-wide compliance and conformance to quality objectives.
  • Ensure all employees are aligned with current and future objectives of quality goals by promoting quality awareness throughout the company and developing an atmosphere of an open and productive culture where employees take pride and responsibility in what they do.
  • Evaluate and assist in developing processes in critical areas/departments for ongoing Quality Assurance of all products & services.
  • Analyze data accurately to identify problem areas related to specific processes, products, services, employees, or teams.
  • Demonstrates diplomacy and credibility continuously when interacting with all stakeholders.
  • Ensure all quality policies, programs, and procedures are effectively developed, implemented, and managed.
  • Analyze and investigate product and service complaints or reported quality issues to ensure closure in accordance with company guidelines and external regulatory requirements.
  • Monitor risk-management procedures, and maintain and analyze problem logs to identify and report recurring issues to management and product development.
  • Prepare compound daily reports of the above-stated activities and submit them to the Quality Assurance team lead.
  • Perform all other tasks as assigned by the Head of Quality Assurance and management.
Required Experience, Skills and Qualifications:
  • Minimum of 1 year of work experience in a customer service role
  • Great analytical and Communication Skills
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Must own a working laptop
Application process

Before you can join the team, you will be required to take the trainings and courses highlighted below. The learning starts now!

  • Go through our website to understand the business of Whogohost
  • Watch this 4-minute video to understand how websites work
  • Proceed to this link to register an account for free using your email address
  • Once you have successfully registered, proceed to take the 2 courses below Take a screenshot when you have successfully completed the course and save
  • Once you have successfully taken steps 1 – 5 above, proceed to apply through this form. Note that you are expected to have your own laptop and access to the Internet as you would be working remotely, most of the time.
  • Candidates who successfully complete the aforementioned steps will be contacted and interviewed based on the videos and courses above order of application.