From simple one page portfolios and blogs to fully functional ecommerce stores, our designs are clean, stylish, professional and most importantly effective.

We focus on the needs of your company in terms of overall look and feel, vision, layout, etc, to ensure that your clients’ experience will be exceptional while still staying true to your business objectives.

By investing time and effort into a website which showcases you, your business becomes a leader in your chosen industry, you set yourself apart from competitors in your field and you also increase the likelihood of tapping into a larger market.

Whogohost is a premier provider of eCommerce solutions in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa, providing small and medium sized enterprises the online shopping solutions needed to migrate their business into the interconnected web, meet customers, make sales and turn a profit

Get an online store today using a wide variety of robust and customizable capabilities tailored for your sector and watch your business grow exponentially.

How It Works

We make the process of web design as simple as possible, making sure that we apply all we know about current design, marketing and usability for your project


1. Choose a Plan & Fill Questionnaire

Click your preferred package and make payment. We will then send you a design brief Please provide as much information on the intended project as possible to avoid ambiguity of any kind. Once we get this query, we will initiate contact.

2. Follow up

The next step will be for our representatives to discuss and discover more about you, your company's vision, and build a strong relationship. This is where we will create your brand, create a custom strategy, and set project goals.

3. Design & Development

Our creative and development team will follow the chosen template and move into site building.

4. Implementation

In a bid to reaffirm our commitment to giving you the best with as little down time as possible, we will complete your website design within 15 working days and provide you with 5 working days for feedback.

5. Launch

Here is where we present your finished work, then sit back and watch it work for you!


Choose the plan that best meets your need.


Corporate Website

Give your business a wider online range to showcase your services
Easy to use Content Management System
Aesthetically appealing website
Mobile responsive website
Social media integration
Full Features User Guide
Newsletter Integration
₦50,000/per website
Get your site


Trading online
Content Management system
Easy to use and mobile friendly website
Product information page with related products
Payment Gateway Integration*
Catalog management
Special offers - Discounts and promos
Customer login and registration
₦75,000/per website
Get your site

If you have any questions/inquiries, Click Here to get in touch with us.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I modify my website design if I want?

Our designers create websites from chosen templates to mitigate any ambiguities plus we will be using content management systems that are easy to use and managed by the client after development, meaning that you can modify images and text on your pages but you can’t modify the overall layout of those pages.

The Management system makes it easy for you to control the settings that are most important to you, but prevents you from making changes that will ‘mess up’ your site.

You have a lot of control through the Content Management System. If you have specific questions about what you can and cannot modify, give us a call.

Can you help me update my existing website that was built by another developer?

Yes. We will migrate the existing website with a new hosting server and other requirements. However, it would be a customized service that we would need to consult on.

Can you help me write content for my website?

Yes. We include copy writing and editing in all of our plans but we will need you to send us as much content as possible from your company profile, background information etc. We can also build your sitemap and help structure the foundation of your website in the planning stages.

Can you help me source photos for my website?

Yes. We will help you source stock photos from sites such as www.wallpaperswide.com. We also have photographers and videographers available to produce custom photography and videos for your website if requested for.

Are my fees refundable?

Unfortunately we do not offer refunds on any of our services.

Who will manage the project and who is doing the technical work?

Whogohost has a development team made up of web graphics professionals and developers    good at web coding and web designing

How will I handle changes to the website after hand over?

We will send you a short typed manual on how to edit different assets on the website plus it comes with a content management system, this helps you to manage the website easily going forward

Will my website be equipped for 'search engines'?

The search engine option is only available for the ECOMMERCE PLAN is only the search engine integration. For our search engine optimization service, Click here

How will your design boost or improve my business?

We build beautifully designed and constructed web platforms to fit your goals and grow your business,we have good web design professionals that gives your website the professional and glam look it deserves to make your business stand out above the rest. Our website design will place you in good light in the World wide web for recognition and opportunities outside your geographical location

Will I be able to add new features to my website in future?

Since we build the majority of our websites on WordPress, adding features and functionality is typically much easier than with most other platforms. Doing so will be very easy for you in most cases, but any complex additions or changes may require the knowledge and experience of one of our developers. In these cases we will provide cost and time quotes for the applicable work

Do you do competitive research?

We observe the current trend and offer our clients the best that we can to give them an edge among competition

What is included in your website package?

Each plan has features covered under the costing. Kindly visit pricing table above.

Why can’t I use a cheaper service provider to design and develop my website?

There is absolutely nothing preventing you from going with a free or cheap service provider to build your website. As a matter of fact, going this route is better than not having a website at all in our opinion. However, if you’re looking to build a website to actually help your business grow, then going through the proper planning, design and development process to create an effective website is 100% necessary. Your website is your first, and sometimes your only, impression as well. Make sure that it makes the best possible imprint by having a professional team like ours build it correctly from the start

How about payment gateway integration?

Whogohost integrates CashEnvoy for free for e-commerce sites. We however charge a flat integration fee of  ₦50,000 for otherpayment gateways i.e. Webpay, GTPay, SimplePay, VoguePay etc. While SimplePay, VoguePay and Cashenvoy allows you open an account for free, Webpay charges  ₦150,000 and GTpay charges  ₦80,000 respectively. Please click HERE to choose an option:

Do I have to choose a template for my website design?

Yes, depending on the plan picked, you would be given a variety of website templates to pick from. Alternatively, you could also browse through the design library to pick a template that works for you.

How do I get my products into my website?

Our customers with Ecommerce stores will need to have a price list of their products, product images and product description to enable us  enter product data into the content management system.

How does the payment process work?

The project starts with a 100% deposit.

Who will I work with during the project?

This is a great question to ask and you should ask it of any web design and development firm you are considering. Many firms will farm out work to freelancers or interns. Some firms give little or no access to client’s who want to speak directly with their designers or developers. Our clients work directly with our customer care representative.

What platform do you build your websites on?

We build all of our websites on a open-source Content Management System (CMS) platform called Wordpress, if you want a specific framework like Joomla, Drupal, Magneto etc, please contact us directly

Can I see examples of your Website work ?

● veda.com.ng

● brandsmiths.com.ng

● shopwades.com

● brandsdepot.com.ng

● 1500naira.com

● bargainhunter.com.ng

● lashperfect.com.ng

● beautykink.com

What is the process if i don't like the initial design?

Once the template is sent to you,all you need do is pick the one that you like, because once you have chosen a template the project commences immediately,therefore if there changes there will be additional charges.

What about content?

You will be required to send in your content via a web design brochure which you will be required to fill. This content will then be transferred to the website. We can also develop a limited number of content for you where necessary

How much will the project cost?

There are varying options. Kindly visit to subscribe to a suitable plan

How long will it take to build and launch my new website?

The website design takes 15 working days after template approval after which an additional 5 working days is provided to you for review and feedback.

What access do I have to my website?

You will have full access to your website because it comes in with a functional cpanel and database which enables you control the site from the backend

Will my domain name and hosting account be registered in my name?

It can only be registered in your name if the domain name  carries the top level domain (TLD) e.g .com,.ng

Do you offer any warranty or guarantee?

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our output.

What are clients typically required to supply?

As much information regarding your business as possible (Logo, website content, contact details etc.)

I already have a website; can you help me with online marketing?

Yes we can. Kindly visit https://whogohost.com/sme/marketing/ for this

Why do I need a website?

Your website is the first impression that prospective customers get about your business online. If you do not have a website or if you have an old designed, poorly designed or a website that is not user friendly, then there is a very good chance that prospective business will move on to a competitor that has put the proper time and care into their website

Will my website be mobile friendly?

Yes , the website will be mobile friendly as our websites come in with mobile optimization which means can be viewed across devices

Cutting-Edge Tools

We only use the best, most appropriate tools for each project, whether it is E-Commerce, Education, Non-Profit, Startups, Corporate Business websites, we will build under this frameworks.